Some censuring Readers will scornfully say, why hath this Lady writ her own life? Since none cares to know whose daughter she was or whose wife she is, or how she was bred, or what fortunes she had, or how she lived, or what humor or disposition she was of? I answer that is true, that 'tis to no purpose to the Readers, but it is to the Authoress, because I write it for my own sake, not theirs. ~Margaret Cavendish in 1655

Monday, June 19, 2006

i didn't forget you...

... I just had no life. However, I now able to report that I have gotten my Causualty and Property insurance license and will be working at the family insurace agency as of 1 July 2006. Woo-hoo for me. Now, I just have to figure out all the lingo and good crap like that for the respective insurance companies. FUN.

I am still on the search for the ideal grad school that will offer what I want and won't put me into debt until I'm dead (they'll take the life insurance, thank you very much!). Any and all suggestions about what I should do when I grow up, please just email me.

Sad news... Sweetie has moved to Chicago for a very good promotion. Good news on the promotion part, bad news for the leaving me in Ohio after I finally moved back into the state. Glitch.

OK, gotta go and look productive. Take care and give me a buzz when in town.