Some censuring Readers will scornfully say, why hath this Lady writ her own life? Since none cares to know whose daughter she was or whose wife she is, or how she was bred, or what fortunes she had, or how she lived, or what humor or disposition she was of? I answer that is true, that 'tis to no purpose to the Readers, but it is to the Authoress, because I write it for my own sake, not theirs. ~Margaret Cavendish in 1655

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

a little too calloused

I think that I have been here a little too long, when 2 bombings killing 9 people doesn't even faze me any longer. Albeit, it was in Gazipur and Chittagong (not too close) was where it happened. All I asked was, 'Where did it happen? Will there be a hartal?' So, there will be a hartal tomorrow. Again. The extremists are targetting judges and the court-system, since they want Sharia law to be the law-system of the country, rather than the British non-secular law that is currently in place.

So, with that said, I still have to come to work tomorrow and look cute in a sari. No rest for the weary or the wicked. Tomorrow is World AIDS Day and there is a big program (that is going to be cut shorted, due to hartal) and I gotta go, sit and look pretty. Ugh. All it's going to be is bigwigs saying the same stuff they say all the time. Maybe they'll have a good tea and snacks to offer.... hmmm... maybe I should take a big purse.... hmmm.... Hopefully, fellow intern Danielle will come with me and we can keep each other amused. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

turkey day bonanza

Turkey Day was bideshi filled and the amount of food was obscene!!! There was so many turkeys for the party of 30+ people that one entire bird was not even cut into. This translates into 'someone will have a crapload of turkey sandwiches for the ensuing year'! The party took place at Roomie Carrie's boss' house, so alot of USAID people came to celebrate. Carrie and I really took to two of the girls and thus planned a lovely shopping trip on Saturday with them.

Friday was a jammie/recovery day from the Turkey indulgences and then Saturday, we shopped. First was Sally Ann's Salvation Army for waffles and tea. That's right, I eat waffles at the Salvation Army. And go shopping there. I spent an large amount of money on stuff that I always wanted and now will ship home. Then we met up with Angela and Brandy for shopping after lunch at the American Club. We hit Aarong and I really went a little nuts at the jewelry counter. 3 nose rings and 4 earrings later (with one of them for Mom) and a cup of tea later, we went to Bata (shoes). I came home with two pairs of shoes that actually fit (ok, one pair better than the other, but they were really cute!) and then we went plant shopping. I didn't come back with anything (which is considerate of me considering my black thumb) and then Brandy had to go home. However, Carrie and Angela were up for more shopping (I was drooping, but hung in there). So off we trotted to Melange for comforters and pillows for Carrie. By then it was 8 o'clock and no dinner. Angela and Carrie took pity on my drooping self and fed me Japanese for dinner. Yeah! Rolls rock! Then off to home to look at our loot and go to bed to actually make it up the next morning. Ugh.. I'm still tired from that shopping!

Ok, here is the deal... I'm coming home for Christmas. I think that I will be living with Mom and Dad between Christmas and grad school starting, but a job would be a good thing. I'm hazy on the details, so I'll keep you posted as soon as I have a clue.

Take care and be safe in this holiday season.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

hartal season has begun

Hartals are general strikes that are usually called by the political party not in power. The US equiv. would be if the Dems really wanted to stick it to the Reps, so they call a country-wide strike. The only people they would hurt would be the average Joe, but who really cares? The joys of 3rd world politics.

What this means for me.... I might not be in the office until Saturday, unless I can bribe a rickshaw wala to haul my butt to the office. Then, it will be peaceful, quiet and I can play music at any level I want. Oh! Don't forget the long lunch at the American Club, since there will be no cafeteria service here in the office and the AC is not known for their swiftness.

So, thanks for the notes of condolence on a lost love. I appreciate it greatly. I might be here tomorrow or not... Inshallah.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

at least it's not dengue

Dengue is out and about in fine form this year! I've heard of several people coming down with it. Dengue, for those not in the know, is commonly known as 'break-bone fever'. It is a mosquito-born disease that causes a fever, soar joints (thus the break-bone part) and general unpleasantness. There is no cure and no preventative meds for it. The only treatment is Tylenol and rest. Hemorrhagic dengue is the worst case scenerio and can kill you fairly quickly unless you receive treatment. So with all this worst case scenerio before you, my unhappy tummy is nothing in comparison. I can't complain, since it could easily be worse.

This weekend I was a social butterfly. I was supposed to go to the German Club, but cancelled out at the last minute with fatigue! I was so stinkin' tired of a whole week of work, that a snack at the American Club did me in. The next day I went shopping with Helyn and bought some beautiful cloth to make into western clothes. Then I ate the roll that did me in the next day. That evening, I made my way to fellow bideshis Eric and Danielle's house for Eric's 30th birthday party. Carrie and I made it home about midnight and that night, I was up a few times. Then the next day, I competely crashed and stayed in my jammies all day.

On a more personal note, Rana and I have broken up. This means that I have no current plans after my contract with Save ends in December. I'm thinking about grad school in the fall, but there is alot of time between now and then. I would really like to get more experience in development, since I would really like to be employed once I leave grad school and most jobs require experience. Catch-22 on that one. So, if you have any ideas about my future, please feel free to write, but keep in mind that I won't necessarily follow any/all advice.

Take care.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

eid-ul-fitre is over!

Thank goodness for small favors! Eid is over and things are slowly going back to normal. Dhaka was dead for Eid Day and the following two to three days following it. There are stores that are still closed from the holiday! Everyone and their brother went to their 'country home' for the holiday.

Carrie and I stayed in Dhaka for the entire holiday and for about 2 days didn't get out of our jammies. We both read, watched movies and worked on "The Good Girls' Guide to Dressing in the 'Desh". This was a ton of fun when we made our pictorial debut on "How to Wrap a Sari". My bright pink sari with the funky purple and yellow paisly print was decided upon as a 'photo-friendly' sari and the snapping took most of the day. I think that we are going to give this to Peace Corps Bangladesh and maybe offer it various Embassies and High Commissions for their welcome kits. Who knows what'll happen?

As for now, I'm looking for a job. Any job that will pay in US dollars. My internship/consultancy is ending in 5 weeks, so unemployment is lurking not too far away. Ugh.

OK for now... I'll try to remember to bring my camera to work and post some pics. Take care all!