Some censuring Readers will scornfully say, why hath this Lady writ her own life? Since none cares to know whose daughter she was or whose wife she is, or how she was bred, or what fortunes she had, or how she lived, or what humor or disposition she was of? I answer that is true, that 'tis to no purpose to the Readers, but it is to the Authoress, because I write it for my own sake, not theirs. ~Margaret Cavendish in 1655

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it was soooo cold....

...I almost considered marriage. This is truly the single girls issue... no one to put their cold feet on while in bed in the dead of winter. I hate winter and all the crap (read: snow, ice, brisk winds) that comes with it. I now have to take my inflate-a-bed into the living room to sleep, since my bedroom is so cold. This is ridiculous! I firmly protest winter!!! grrr...

Did I mention that I have been giving quite a few speeches as of late? I spoke at a Mother's Club and the at the Professional Business Women's organization. If this keeps up, I will be on a speaking circuit or some crazy thing.

But, now for the super-exciting things in my life.... my knitting. I just started working with a new yarn that is bobbly and leaf green (so it has a few hues of green) and it looks lacy with just a stockinette stitch. Easy work, looks harder than it is, equals a lovely satisified feeling of contentment. ahhh.... This is such a cute yarn, that I think that I might try expanding to make a shawl with it. I'll have to see if I can make the gage to fit and give it a whirl.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

warm orphans

Today is the day that I am sending out the scarves that the Knit Wits have knitted. I'm happy to say that 18 orphans will keep a touch warmer with out contribution. I have pictorial evidence, but lack a cord... maybe later.

Today Cousin Jamie thought there would be the makings of a farm girl for me. 5 of her minature horses escaped and were munching on grass in the yard. We ended up chasing them out into a field and eventually brought them back to the barn. I still think that she would have better luck getting a barn boy (in the same fashion, I want a cabana boy).

Well, it is the end of the business day, so off I must go.... take care!
The pictorial evidence is here.... several days late, but better than never!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

crap.... on a stick

I've had a stickin' cold since the 8th and I need to be over it pronto. I actually lost my voice over the weekend and had to see the doctor for the good drugs for the sinus infection. Then Cousin Jamie is going to be gone all this week for Life and Health Insurance Class, which is so udderly boring, that I feel much deep pity for her. Oy vey.

Grandpa D had a trip to the hospital, which they made him have an overnighter. The flu will get you down when you are 84 and diabetic. He made it home and seems to be getting back to his usual (insert your own adjective here) self. I'm not sure how Grandma feels about that. I'm just sure that she is relieved that he got out of the hospital.

I'm still working on the scarves, so if you need to send me one so that I can send it to the orphans, get to it! Or you can click on the do-hicker to the right and get the address for yourself. The ability of speech is leaving... must go home soon!

Take care of yourselves and beware of sneezing folks.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

weekend of bridezilla

I have decided that I never, ever want a big, white, floofy wedding. Ever. If I go crazy and change my mind, make me go to the Columbus Bridal Show for the entire 12 hours and I will suddenly come to my senses again. It was absolutely insane. My Friend Laura1 owns Bliss Honeymoons and Destination Weddings travel business and had a booth at the CBS and I helped work it for all it's worth. These people (brides and mothers of the bride and random people who were suckered into going with them) were hit over the head with the racket that we like to call 'Holy Matrimony'. And I spotted potential bridezillas. They are getting married in late 2008, have way too much detail done already (for the two weeks they have been engaged) and they have that glint in their eye. That evil glint that will only get eviller and glintier as time comes closer to their wedding date. I guar-en-tee. Scary.

Other than the scary brides, everything else went off without a hitch. Laura1 got a bou-que of appointments for her business and I had a lovely time with Heather H, who is a hostess with the mostess. Then I came home to Mom and Dad's and collapsed with a cold that kept me home on Monday.

Tonight is Knit Wits, so if you want to join, just let me know!

OH! Rodeo season is starting up. If you want to come along, just email me. It is for 8 Saturdays starting the first Saturday in February. It should be a barrel of fun!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

7 months and counting

Over the New Year, I went to Chicago to visit and I stayed with Sweetie. I had a delightful time and really tied one on New Years Eve, though Friend Megan and just about everyone else did too. I believe my liver is slightly pickled from the experience. I also went to High Tea at the Drake Hotel downtown and enjoyed the aum-bie-ance of the joint. Flying home out of Midway was a long process, but Mom and Dad were nice enough to pick me up. And now back to the grind.

If you have made a red scarf for the orphan project, then some time in January you need to give it to me or mail it in yourself. Check out the link to the right and click your way to that mailing info.

As for the 7 remaining months until my 30th birthday, I still have yet to accomplish anything on my To Learn List. However, I am getting closer. Santa brought me mandolin books and a one-time certificate for a lesson. And I believe that I have talked my knitting guru Jane into a sock lesson. Cousin Jamie has promised riding lessons after giving birth for the forth time and I still have yet to nail Dad down for the long-ago promised shooting lesson. The motorcycle stuff will have to wait until warm weather. I get full-body shivers just looking at someone on a motorcycle this time of year (and yes, I saw someone just around Christmastime riding one).

So, until later, 'gator. Have a good New Year!