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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

eid-ul-fitre is over!

Thank goodness for small favors! Eid is over and things are slowly going back to normal. Dhaka was dead for Eid Day and the following two to three days following it. There are stores that are still closed from the holiday! Everyone and their brother went to their 'country home' for the holiday.

Carrie and I stayed in Dhaka for the entire holiday and for about 2 days didn't get out of our jammies. We both read, watched movies and worked on "The Good Girls' Guide to Dressing in the 'Desh". This was a ton of fun when we made our pictorial debut on "How to Wrap a Sari". My bright pink sari with the funky purple and yellow paisly print was decided upon as a 'photo-friendly' sari and the snapping took most of the day. I think that we are going to give this to Peace Corps Bangladesh and maybe offer it various Embassies and High Commissions for their welcome kits. Who knows what'll happen?

As for now, I'm looking for a job. Any job that will pay in US dollars. My internship/consultancy is ending in 5 weeks, so unemployment is lurking not too far away. Ugh.

OK for now... I'll try to remember to bring my camera to work and post some pics. Take care all!


Megs said...

ouch! so are you staying in country still?
good luck!

Andrew said...

Laura- I've missed your posts and such. Hopefully we will connect on IM again soon. Good luck with the job hunt! Of course I'd love to see you return to the states- but that is just my selfish interest speaking outloud!

allie said...

Fergie--I hope you find a job you really enjoy very soon. However, if you have to come back to the States it will only be to my benefit. :)---Miss ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin,
Just wanted you to know I'm wishing the best for you in your job hunt. Where ever it takes you. Don't forget the posibility of coming home. I'm sure you could succeed here too!
Prayers for you,