Some censuring Readers will scornfully say, why hath this Lady writ her own life? Since none cares to know whose daughter she was or whose wife she is, or how she was bred, or what fortunes she had, or how she lived, or what humor or disposition she was of? I answer that is true, that 'tis to no purpose to the Readers, but it is to the Authoress, because I write it for my own sake, not theirs. ~Margaret Cavendish in 1655

Sunday, April 01, 2007

A busy fool

So this is the first of two socks finished. I started the second one, but immediately put a hole in it, so I had to rip out 6 rows... hmm... socks could take me longer than a blanky at this rate. But first, I have to admire this one. Isn't it cute? Then I found this OSU colored skein at Knitters Merchantile in Columbus. See a future pair of socks.
Then I went to wind it up. It still looks like this and I haven't figured out what to do next. I refuse to cut the skein for now. I really hope that it won't come to that. :(And now for another "View from my desk" pic. Cousin Jamie and I experienced a couple of slow afternoons, so she came to visit with Jilli. I love how Jilli uses her unborn sibling as an elbow rest. Both ladies had their magazines to read and I couldn't resist this picture.

Cousin Jamie's due date is the 13th, if baby doesn't come before. Her husband, Chad, thinks that he could probably birth her at home and Cousin Jamie's response was, "uh, NO. You don't have access to the good drugs." She didn't question his ability, just his drug access. Only a farmer would have said that to his wife and gotten that response. I'm with Jamie on the drug thing. Why have children without them?

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