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Sunday, July 10, 2005

wedding sari shopping

Wedding sari shopping is really a different experience! As normal, I looked at a bajillion saris and didn't pick one. However, not like normal, I about had a canary when I heard the price. Between 60 to 63 THOUSAND taka for 1 sari. In US dollars, that's about a thousand bucks. While some would consider that a bargain price for a heavily beaded sari with satin petticoat and a large dupatta (scarf-like thing), I think that I will keep looking. My roommate Carrie went along with me on this adventure. I'll try to get a photo of me in this get-up. It took two guys to rig it and the one guy 'stylized' me. He had me looking down, like a shy, sweet, young 'Deshi bride. Too bad that isn't going to happen in real life!


Megs said...

Have you ever seen 'Monsoon Wedding'? It takes place in India and it about an elaborate arranged marriage- I think that the bridal attire maybe similar. So how are wedding plans shaping up?

Megs said...

hey if you post photos get one of you and Rana too!

Andrew said...

Wow- I wouldn't have thought that a wedding Sari would be that much!
I'm sure you can find a better deal- I have full confidence in your shopping abilities.
If you need shopping assistance I can send Stella over to help you.
You have inspired me to create my own blog- once I have figured it all out- I will let you know how to reach it to read my ramblings-
Take care-

Kopi said...

It's amazing how the Wedding Industrial Complex has transported itself to other countries. *grins*

allie said...

Ferg-Sounds like a crazy, fun adventure. I can not wait to hear more. I want to see photos, you promised!