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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

PC/Bangladesh gone

Peace Corps/Bangladesh is being consolidated/evacuated as I write. For those not familiar with PC-speak, that means all the Volunteers in-country are being pulled into the capital city of Dhaka and being flown to DC and the program will be closed - probably for good. This makes me so upset! There are a ton of details that I won't go into on a public blog, but I truly believe that they are being pulled out prematurely. I was in-country with the other B5s, 4s and 3s at the begining of the Iraqi war, when they were burning effigies of President Bush and you got harrassed if you said you were American. This sucks majorly for the Volunteers who really wanted to stay to the end of their service. I hope that the kids who came this past August will sign up to go to different countries and get a full 2 year PC experience.


Kopi said...

Oh, that's terrible! Email me if you want to vent some more.

carrie said...

hey bideshi girl, you haven't blogged for a while. What's up?