Some censuring Readers will scornfully say, why hath this Lady writ her own life? Since none cares to know whose daughter she was or whose wife she is, or how she was bred, or what fortunes she had, or how she lived, or what humor or disposition she was of? I answer that is true, that 'tis to no purpose to the Readers, but it is to the Authoress, because I write it for my own sake, not theirs. ~Margaret Cavendish in 1655

Thursday, May 17, 2007

more Grange

It's official. I'm a schmuck. Tonight was yet another Grange night and I was there front and center. And I had a walking/marching part called the Lady Assistant Steward. I protested it throughly. I don't know the ritualistic work, but somehow we muddled through. Afterwards, there was the required jello salad and other 'This and That' (the ladies just bring what they feel like bringing, no matter if it makes sense or not).

I think that the next few nights are going to rowdy in the big town of Ada. ONU is letting out in a few days and graduation is this weekend. And I had to move to a place in the epicenter of all 3 bars that are in this town. I was not thinking ahead when I moved here.

But the best part that I just thought of.... Cousin Jamie will be back to work in 6 work days. I will get baby time every day and life will get back to what passes for normal. Yeah!

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